My Motto....

Is to manage properties that I myself would live in and to treat them as if they personally belong to me.

There are three ways I do business...

1. I contract with an Owner to put our sign in the yard, take all phone calls, show their properties and find a good tenant. I do all of the paper work and when I am finished I turn the tenant over to you, the Owner, to manage your own properties. You pay for advertising and half of the first full months rent.

2. I will contract with an Owner to do it all. I will put our sign in the yard, take all calls, show the property and find a good tenant. I will do the paper work and collect the rent. I do a monthly accounting on the 10th of the month. I have a contract with the electric company that if the property becomes vacant they will leave the utilities on and put them in our company name. The gas company will not longer allow the property manager to put the bill in their name. The Owner is the only one that can do that. I will maintain the property. The tenant is instructed to call me if there is a problem and because of being a Real Estate Broker for 22 years and a Property Manager for 18 years I have people to do all work or repair needed. If I have a problem with a tenant I will go through the Delaware County eviction process and even go to court to see to it that the tenant is evicted and any and all damages are taken care of with a judgment. I will turn their file over for collections if need be. If there is repair that needs to be done before re-renting, it will be done as quickly as possible.

3. I will contract with you as an Investor for a property to fix and flip or fix and keep as an investment. I do have people to do all work and I will be the general contractor for the job until completion at which time the property is placed on the market with a referrel to a Broker that is good and can be trusted or I will become the Property Manager.

Forms I use...

1. Reference form. I ask all of the important questions and get as much information I can.

2. Verification of employment. This form is filled out by the employer. It is important to me to know that my potential tenant has a good job.

3. Lease. My  lease covers every detail and if something comes up that is important I add it to my lease.

4. Affidavit of Occupancy form. This form is required by Muncie that if the property is inside the city limits an Occupancy form has to be completed by the Tenant and the Owner or Property Manager. This form is to kept in the unit. If the police were to ask to see the form it has to be available. There is a $500 fine for not having it.

5. Lead Base Paint Disclosure form for Tenant, Owner or Property Manager. Every home built before 1978 has to have this form completed by Tenant and Owner or Property Manager. We also furnish the Protect your Family booklet. This book is required and will give the Tenant lots of good information about lead paint.

6. Smoke Detector Compliance Form. This form is required by the State of Indiana.

I am now charging a $25 application fee per person on the lease or a co-signer. 
This is for a Credit Check & a  Back Ground Check.
These are done by the National Tenant Network.

Equal Housing...

It is very important to me to treat everyone fairly. I do have the reference form completed and if for some reason the form is not completed I give the potential Tenant a second chance to complete it. If not completed that Tenant will not have an opportunity to lease from me. If there is a problem with employment or references then we are done.

I will not put too many family members in a small home. Children need to have there own room if they are brother and sister past 5-6 years of age. I also do not like to put more than 2 girls or boys to a room.

I do have some homes that smoking and pets are not allowed. I have no choice. This is the request of the home Owner because of damage and also because there are people that have allergies to both smoke and pets.

I do accept Section 8 in some of my properties. I have city and county properties. Just because Section 8 pays a portion or all of the rent, I still expect the Tenant to take care of the property. They are screened with the same reference form and must pay the damage deposit up front.

Advertising, the way I do it by Debby

Advertising has become so expensive that most investment Owners will just put a sign in the yard and hope someone or the right one sees the sign. I became President of the Rental Property Association for 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015. While President I came up with the idea that we could advertise together and split the cost. The web site has pictures of our homes inside and out and all the contact information and links to our members personal web sites. Check it out. We have now been doing this for 10 years. I change things every now and then if I find something that works better. As long as I have a contract with you this is how I will advertise your rentals. I maintain this site and the number to call is mine.

I have also in the last couple of years started using Craig's List. I find a great interest in this site from executives and professional people. I am careful. I know that this can be a rather risky way to advertise but it works.